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Safety and security – top priorities

Some people may think that Electric Fences are just not an option as they are dangerous and are definitely not safe. However with Secure All Security safe fencing is not only a possibility but a reality. At Secure All Security the company strives to provide secure and safe premises for all their clients therefore safe electric fencing is definitely one of the company's top priorities even though they provide a range of security solutions.

Secure All Security has been in the security industry for ten years and counting and through the years they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge regarding the security industry. With this knowledge that Secure All Security accumulated they developed a safe electric fencing system that uses only the highest quality products and materials to ensure your safety and security. This company is a supplier of security solutions to the private, government and business sections in and around Pretoria from CCTV to access control and safe fencing.

A breakdown of safe fencing

There are various factors that contribute towards the effectiveness of a safe electric fencing system as a whole.

  • Energizers are the part of the safe fencing system that gives the Electric Fences their power; there are two main energizers the Rezist energizers for smaller fences and the Magnum 8 Joule for larger fences. Both are safe to use and the larger energizer is not lightning sensitive therefore will not be effected by lightning storms making it a safe component of a safe fencing system. The unit can be controlled with key pads as well as a remote and receiver. A steel box can be fitted over the energizer to protect it from the elements.

  • The line brackets that are used for wall top Electric Fences are manufactured directly by Secure All Security. Having the line brackets manufactured by this company ensures that the brackets meet the specifications required for your property and that there is no chance of short circuits therefore you have a safe fencing unit.

  • The safe electric fencing system that is installed through Secure All Security comes standard with an alarm system which goes off if an intruder attempts to cut or tamper with the fence. This alarm could be a freestanding alarm or it could be rerouted through your local armed response unit.

  • All the safe electric fencing systems that come from Secure All Security include a sliding gate which is an effective tool to improve your safety when used in conjunction with an intercom system The sliding gate is manufactured by Secure All Security with special attention being given to the sliding action to ensure that the sliding gate cannot be forced open or lifted up. Only the highest quality products such as Centurion and Gemini are used for the sliding gate, the motors that are installed have a backup battery power system. The combination of the sliding gate, gate motor and intercom is the ideal way to control access to your property to ensure that the undesirable elements are kept off the property.

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with the best security solutions available then trust in the expertise of Pretoria based Secure All Security. Secure All Security is your ideal security partner to provide you with safe electric fencing solutions for your property. Contact Secure All Security for a comprehensive and honest quote regarding appropriate security solutions for your property.

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