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The equipment used for Electric Fences

For many people there is nothing more important than protecting what is dear to you, whether it be your family, business or your assets. Security solutions can be a complex experience but knowing what you are dealing with and the various components that are required will save you hassle in the long run. Electric fencing is one of the safest security solutions that are available and knowing what electric fence equipment is entailed could assist you in the long run.

The right security company

We at Secure All Security is a company that has over a decade's experience in the security industry. We are a professional and reliable company that has an established name within the Pretoria area as a supplier of high quality security solutions and electric fence equipment. The Secure All Security Solutions team can assist you in creating a safe environment whether it be at your Home, office or any other property that you would like to secure.

Various electric fence equipment

There are various aspects of electric fence equipment that come together to make one efficient electric fence system that is effective for the purpose that it must serve.

  • Energizers: The energizers is the component of the electric fence equipment that supplies the fence with electricity. The first step is to decide which energizer to use, for short fences the Rezist is recommended. This is a cost-effective option and will not easily spark over the insulators. For more power the Magnum 8 Joule energizer is usually used which is a high powered and extremely reliable unit. This unit is not lightning sensitive and can be controlled via remote or keypads. It is an easy to maintain system. For advice regarding the appropriate electric fence equipment energizer for your electric fence system contact our staff at Secure All Security.

  • Line brackets: This is just as vital as the energizers as without the line brackets there would be no way to keep the electrified wires in the air with wall top Electric Fences. The line brackets are part of the electric fence equipment that is manufactured in-house and this specific electric fence equipment is manufactured according to your specifications.

  • Alarm:An alarm system is an import piece of electric fence equipment because although an electric fence system should keep intruders out it should also act as an early warning system. An alarm system can be added to alert you of when your electric fencing is being tampered with, the alarm system can be a freestanding alarm system or it can be linked into your existing alarm company. A strobe light can also be included as part of the electric fence equipment which will continue to flash with the sounding alarm until the light is turned off.

  • Sliding gate: A sliding gate is an important part of the electric fence equipment as it adds to the security of an electric fence system. Here at Secure All Security we manufacturer the sliding gates with special attention on the sliding action to ensure that the gate cannot be lifted or forced open. Sliding gates also come with electrification as well as a pedestrian gate that locks. The gate itself is not electrified but there is an electric fence system atop of the gate.

  • Gate motor: This goes hand in hand with the sliding gate and allows for you to control access to your property with remote control or keypad. With the integration of an intercom system you can control the access of others as well without having to expose yourself to the unknown.

The electric fence equipment that is supplied by our company is of high quality and our services are reliable which ensures that you have a secure premises to come Home to.

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