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The whole of Gauteng, including: Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Brits, Johannesburg, Bronkhorstspruit, Vaal Triangle, Witbank

Secure All Security Provides Electric Fencing Installations

Electric fencing installations are our first line of defence against criminals who try to gain unauthorised access to our property.  Secure All Security supplies and installs electric fencing installations according to its clients’ specific, individual requirements.

Secure All Security can custom-design an electric fence for you.  We have the flexibility and facilities to manufacture purpose-designed components where they are required in applications which demand specific features.  Because of the high crime rate in South Africa, we cannot imagine security complexes, estates, government properties, factories and farmhouses without Electric Fences.  These fences have become an important barrier and early warning system.  Keeping intruders outside is just one of the functions of an electric fence.  It also secures property and people inside the perimeter and may be used on game farms to prevent animals from escaping.

In order for an electric fence to be effective, it must be high enough and stable.  The higher the voltage, the more difficult it is to tamper with the fence; a siren can be integrated with the energiser to sound if someone is tampering with the fence.  It may also be linked to an armed response company.  Voltages as high as legally permitted are recommended.  We can design free-standing fences or fence extension on top of existing walls and fences and on sliding gates.  Some clients want a full, free-standing fence installed next to an existing fence for extra security.

Secure All Security can design and install electric fencing installations that suit your specific needs.  Contact us for an evaluation of your property and a recommendation of the appropriate solution.

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