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Electric fencing pretoria

In terms of electric fencing Pretoria, like most large cities, generate a sizeable amount of the overall demand for such systems. Crime is often more prevalent in cities and Pretoria businesses have responded by fitting Electric Fences extensively to protect their property.

Electric Fences generate an electric circuit when they are touched by animals or humans and the intention is to administer a shock that would deter the intruder from crossing a boundary. Most Electric Fences are only deterrents but in some cases, lethal voltages may be used.

Several electric fencing products are available. High tension cable designed especially for this type of application is available in lengths up to 200 metres and has thick insulation that may prevent spark-through at voltages exceeding 90 000 V. The actual steel wire is available in different gauges and grades, from galvanised steel, braided and binding wire to stainless steel wire.

Different systems are used to give an indication of an alarm condition. On compact systems, a warning flasher lamp or an audible alarm may be used. Additional electric fencing equipment are the stainless steel springs that are used to tension the strands, and the insulated bar brackets that may be powder coated, galvanised or made of aluminium.

An electric fence that is in good condition consumes little electricity. Power may come from a mains outlet, a battery pack or batteries charged by solar energy. In the case of low impedance fence chargers, a solid state circuit charges a capacitor, which releases its charge upon contact by an animal or human. In terms of all your needs and requirement for electric fencing Pretoria has suppliers and specialised fitters you can call on.

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