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“Give me liberty or give me death!”  - famous words of Patrick Henry who would likely have been shocked at the type of lifestyle imposed on modern citizens of today, and even though we pay taxes for many so-called privileges, the freedom to walk at liberty at night and indeed to sleep peacefully in our homes is denied us. We are not free, and death is indeed the other option for many of us ... whether we like it or not; we often don't have a choice.  An electric fence company, however, gives us the freedom to live life without fear.

All the fencing and security parts supplied by an electric fence company are of the highest  quality and at Secure All Security we specialize in manufacturing and distributing strong and robust Electric Fences with monitoring equipment, energizers and other accessories. The wire we use can be solid stainless steel or high tensile double galvanized wire for high strength; there are many factors that influence the effectiveness of an electric fence, and the type of wiring and suitability of the energizer are only part of the success of an electric fence. Other factors are also associated with an effective installation, like the corrosion and electrical resistance of the wire.

Secure All Security is an electric fence company catering for private, industrial and game farm fencing and our electric wire barriers can be installed vertically or at an angle, whichever you choose, the aim always being to make intrusion more difficult.

We know all about intruders gaining more skills and becoming bolder in their attempts to gain entry, and we are therefore continually updating our products and services, because we understand all too well that security is one thing we can't compromise on.

We've been installing Electric Fences since 1996; this means we have supreme knowledge and experience regarding securing your life with an electric fence; and because we operate with integrity, you can trust us to deliver on our word!


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