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Freestanding Electric Fences Provide All Round Protection

Nowadays normal walls and fencing does not seem to offer suitable protection anymore. This is why many choose to install high quality freestanding Electric Fences rather than spending money on building walls or refurbishing existing fencing. Freestanding Electric Fences are easy to install and does not cost much to run and maintain. At the same time it offers vastly superior protection. Where it is extremely easy to scale a wall, electric fencing has the ability to stop intruders at the perimeter of your property. This is much better than an alarm system that warns you only once the intruder is inside.

This is not meant to discourage you to get an alarm system. In fact, freestanding Electric Fences and alarm systems make great companions. Secure All Security is leading installers of Electric Fences, and we have the necessary skills and products to combine your electric fence and alarm system. This means that an alarm will go off when the electric fence is being tampered with. You can also link it to your CCTV system, or to notify your armed response company of this potential threat.

Secure All Security provide custom designed Electric Fences rather than set kits, and our fences are thus suitable for any type of property, including:

  • A perimeter protection at government properties
  • Securing complexes and estates
  • Around private dwellings in towns or cities
  • To protect factories
  • For game farms
  • To secure the farmhouse and buildings on farms and small holdings

At Secure All Security we put safety above everything else, which means you can always trust in the quality of our work and the products we supply. We provide a wide range of security options, ensuring we have the perfect solution for owners of private home, offices and even large properties such as game farms. If you are looking to install freestanding Electric Fences or any other variance of electric fencing, contact us and one of our staff members will gladly help you to assess your property and determine what the best solution would be for your specific needs.

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