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Electric Fencing Gauteng

Peace Of Mind With Electric Fencing In Gauteng

Although the recent crime statistics that have been released by the South African police services show that many categories of crime show an improvement many homeowners would like the added peace of mind that comes with top quality home security systems. The installation of electric fencing in Gauteng is one of the methods of protecting both the inhabitants of the home and their precious assets in a province that continues to suffer from high levels of crime.

Most homes in Gauteng have electric fencing for safety and security reasons and the installation of this fencing is seen as a prerequisite by many for living in the province. The installation of electric fencing in Gauteng also leads to lower insurance premiums on household contents. electric fencing is both cost effective and easy to install, although it is preferable to use qualified technicians to install the fencing as it can offer the usual challenges involved in the use of electricity where safety is an issue that should not be ignored.

There are a variety of different electric fencing solutions that are available in Gauteng. Electric fencing can be fitted to the top of existing walls but there are free standing Electric Fences that do not require that a wall be present. The guiding principles in the installation of electric fencing is that the fencing should be high enough to deter intruders and that the voltage should be high enough to prevent any tampering with the electric fence. A siren is often fitted to the energizer which is part of the electric fencing solution and this siren will sound if any attempt to tamper with the fence takes place.

There are other varieties of electric fence other than those used to protect private domestic dwellings that can be installed in Gauteng, and these include the Electric Fences that are used to control the movements of game on game farms, as well as the Electric Fences used to protect large complexes. These Electric Fences feature energizers for each zone of the electric fence, meaning that the failure of the fence in one zone does not affect the performance of the fencing in other zones. These types of Electric Fences can be connected to the control rooms of security companies offering armed response which allows for a quick response to fence failure or the presence of intruders.

Companies like Secure All Security can offer a variety of different security solutions, including electric fencing in Gauteng. By contacting companies such as Secure All, home owners can be assured of the correct installation of their electric fencing security solution.

Secure All Security has conducted extensive research into their electric fence products in order to create reliable and long lasting security solutions. Their products can be specially-made to suite your individual requirements and provide sufficient protection to your business or household. If you would like to learn more about electric fence installation in Pretoria and their other services, contact Secure All Security's expert team today for more information.

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