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Electric Fences Pretoria

Why Fit Electric Fences In Pretoria?

Many homeowners in South Africa have been reassured by the latest crime statistics that have been released by the police authorities, however unacceptable levels of burglaries and break ins are still part and parcel of living in south Africa. Often these burglaries are accompanies by harm to the inhabitants of residential areas so homeowners are turning to domestic security companies to make sure that their homes are safe. In Pretoria Electric Fences have proved themselves to be highly effective in preventing break-ins, especially when combined with other home security solutions.

The prevalence of Electric Fences in Pretoria is due to perceived high crime levels in the city. Many homeowners have the electric fencing installed in order to save on their insurance premiums and the installation of the electric fencing can also have a positive effect on the resale value of the property.

When installing Electric Fences in Pretoria it is always preferable to turn to professionals who have a good track record for the installation of proven home security systems. Often the installation of electric fencing is only one part of a complete home security system. Many companies that install Electric Fences will also recommend additional security precautions such as the installation of cameras, security lighting, access controls and other systems that boost the effectiveness of the electric fencing.

One of the ways to ensure that the electric fence is effective is to make the fence high enough to prevent tampering with the components that may result in the malfunction of the fence. Electric Fences can be installed on top of existing walls; however free standing Electric Fences can also be installed by security professionals in the Pretoria area.

These professional installers of Electric Fences in Pretoria will often recommend that the electric fence is connected to both an audible alarm and an armed response company which will provide quick assistance in the event of a break in. These armed response companies will often be able to respond more quickly than local police services which can be overstretched during high crime periods such as weekends.

In order to ensure that Electric Fences are correctly installed in Pretoria and the surrounding areas it is always preferable to use an accredited security company like Secure All Security which will be able to offer expert advice on both the electric fencing and other security precautions that will ensure the safety of family and prevent theft.

Secure All Security has conducted extensive research into their electric fence products in order to create reliable and long lasting security solutions. Their products can be specially-made to suite your individual requirements and provide sufficient protection to your business or household. If you would like to learn more about electric fence installation in Pretoria and their other services, contact Secure All Security's expert team today for more information.

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