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The whole of Gauteng, including: Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Brits, Johannesburg, Bronkhorstspruit, Vaal Triangle, Witbank

Refer a Friend for Cheap Electric Fences

The best gift that you can give a friend is sound advice. While many people rely on their friends to advise them on financial issues or family related problems, they forget to talk positively about a vital issue – safety.  Secure All Security rewards people who do the latter. If you refer a friend to Secure All Security and tell them about their range of cheap Electric Fences, then you will receive a free service call with 30 minutes free labour (excluding material) if your referral leads to an installation. You will also gain a friend for life as they will be internally grateful for your recommendation and the contribution you made towards their safety.

If you are one of those people who don’t like forwarding on emails or doing word-of-mouth promotion then you’ll be happy to know that Secure All Security’s excellent service speaks for itself. You just have to look at their competitive prices and high standards, when it comes to material, to realize that you can’t go wrong with cheap Electric Fences from Secure All Security. The prices of the products may be competitive but in no way to they use discounted methods to electrify sliding gates. Everything from the square tubing poles with at least seven strands, to the heavy duty gate is the best quality to make sure that you are protected from any kind of danger.

Look out for the special security solutions that are advertised on the website every week. Secure All Security can also customize the different systems available to suit your needs. While most conventional security systems makes people feel like a prisoner in their own home, Secure All Security offers innovative products like SMS intruder notification that is an intelligent alternative to the annoying burglar alarm.

If you referred a friend and it led to the installation of cheap Electric Fences, after 1996 then contact Secure All Security to claim your reward; while they give you a free service call you can also discuss what security solution will work for your home. Browse their website to read the testimonials or submit your own experience with this suburb company.

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